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Ortier provides a powerful platform for individuals, startups, solo-entrepreneurs and hackers looking to learn about Blockchain.

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The Missing Block | Book Series

Read and Find out how The Missing Block can help & save you from financial problems, Leverage the knowledge provided to help benefit a better lifestyle.
Nirujan Ragulan, Co-founder & CEO

Long Term Sustainable Growth

  • Connect Peer-to-Peer

    Learn the inside, pros & cons of blockchain technology and how to leverage it to a day-to-day basis.
  • Get Involved

    Using the information and knowledge, individuals can help others and introduce a new way for everyone to benefit and learn.
  • Build to Inspire

    Learn to create and manage blockchain programs and dapps, enterprise level to beginner.
  • Countless Components

    New API and platforms are being built everyday that can change the way we transact in-order to better our future.
  • Made by top developers

    Find out who are behind these projects and learn from them. Follow updated code from the developers on their personal page.
  • Trade & Profit

    Learn to Trade & Profit. Learning materials, resources & seminars

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

Learning has never been easier. Control your education and learn at anytime with no restrictions.
  • Book: Starting off with the book if your new to bitcoin and investing. Learn from the ground up and find out what you never knew.
  • Join our Course and Discord: Providing indepth tools & materials and access to private group to ask questions and follow our methods.
  • Consult and Tips: Offering help in-depth strategy for trading and earning. Showing ways to generate and earn income by trading, staking, using dapps/tools & games. Earn in real time from any location, desktop or smartphone , easy to get involved!
  • Signal Alerts: Follow our Alerts and Trade Setups. Learn and earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Questions and Answers on how to get involved. If you have further questions feel free to reach out to us.
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