Solana Blog (SOL)

Solana makes it easier for developers to build exchanges , apps and any type of infrastructure ; Code in C, C++, Rust, and Move. Flexible virtual machine integrations, with more on the way. Github frequently updated, examples and pre builts to build your own app/exchange.

Work Faster and Better

Built for web3; fortune 500 companies can easily build off it; built for big and scalable businesses. Solana has an excellent team with a lot of experience from many sectors of technology; Nvidea, CERN, and finance.

Make Strong Connections

They have attention from big players; Chainlink being the first big partnership Solana has attended events featuring 0x (ZRX) , Maker and may others for defi and layer/ infrastructure scaling.

Enjoy Building

They are making it a little easier to build compared to others; deploy on javascript via API . They also have a tiktactoe example :
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